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Two Podium for Alex Salvini at the GP OF ITALY, in the legendary “Valli Bergamasche”

it valvini

Team Honda- -Zanardo was among the major players of the Grand Prix of Italy, the 42° “Valli Bergamasche”, raced on June 20th-21st in Rovetta (near Bergamo), fifth round of the Enduro World Championship. An exciting race, fought and spectacular, with a huge crowd of more than twenty thousand person. Alex Salvini, with the Honda- CRF 450R Enduro, was among the major players of the incredible battle for E2 victory with Antoine Meo and "Pela" Renet. At the end of the race, Salvini was twice on the third step of the podium. Unfortunately, on Saturday he felt down hurting his right knee, while on Sunday he tried to keep the same pace of Meo and Renet, but lost precious seconds falling in the extreme special test. At the end Salvini got the best time in two of the twenty-five special test. Unlucky race for Alessandro Battig, who on Saturday has a technical problem while he was fighting for the podium, while on Sunday conquered the fourth position close to the third. .


alex salviniALEX SALVINI (E2 Class Honda- CRF 450R Enduro)
“Unlucky weekend. The final result was not the one I want, but it's a part of the game. I hadn’t a good feeling in both the days and this compromised the final result. I got twice the third step of the podium, but I did not get what I wanted. The crew and the crowd were amazing: I’m sorry I haven’t win in front of so many spectators and fans”.


battigALESSANDRO BATTIG (EJ Class Honda- CRF 250R Enduro)
“On Saturday I started very fast and I was third, but unfortunately I was forced to the withdraw due to an electrical problem. On Sunday I finished fourth so close to the podium. That’s a pity, because on Sunday I was racing a good competition, but I felt down due to some mistakes in the extreme test”.



egidio_motta210Egidio Motta (Honda - RedaMoto Holder)
“We arrived to this 42° “Valli Bergamasche” with the expectation of fight and win for the supremacy. We succeeded in part and we are pleased with the two third places achieved by Salvini: he really could not do anymore against Meo and Renet. Alex was great as always, fighting with courage, will and determination. He only made a few little mistakes that cost him the chance to be faster than his opponents. Salvini won some special test being always among the best riders, but the two French riders made the difference. Too bad for Battig: on Saturday he had a problem with the bike, while on Sunday was fast, but because of two falls he finished third close to the third. We go back home satisfied, but there is still a lot of work to do to be competitive”.