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In the GP of Belgium double second position for Alex Salvini in E" and top five for Alessando Battig in EJ

hrr gp belgio11

The sixth round of the Enduro World Championship was raced this weekend in Saint Hubert, in Belgium. Located in the Walloon municipality, in the province of Luzemburg, the city of Saint Hubert is about 140 km south of Bruxelles, in the Ardennes hills, with oaks, pines and birches forests.
The track was 55 km long, with selective tests to repeat four times in both the two days of competition with three different special test: one cross, one extreme and one enduro, for a total of twelve tests per day.
On Friday evening the weekend started with the amazing show of the prologue, with the super test which saw a great presence of the public and the great victory of Salvini. Then Alex shown to have a great feeling with the challenging tracks of Belgium, finishing second in E2 class in both the days of competition. During the race he got three times the fastest time, finishing always in the top five. In EJ class positive race for Alessandro Battig, who finished fifth on Saturday and fourth on Sunday.
The American Cris Back made his debut in the E2 class with the Honda- CRF 450R Enduro. The twenty-seven years old of Team JCR (by the famous Johnny Campbell) successfully completed the race fifteenth and twelfth.

alex salviniALEX SALVINI (E2 Class Honda- CRF 450R Enduro)

“On Sunday I’ve always been close to Meo: I lost only a little bit in the extreme test because I struggle. I played the victory with him only because of this tough special test. Too bad, because I had much more feeling then Saturday. The last part of the race has been really difficult, because of the rain, that changed the characteristics of the ground. Anyway I’m happy because I played until the last with Meo”.


battigALESSANDRO BATTIG (EJ Class Honda- CRF 250R Enduro)
“That’s the way. I started the race not so good and I could not be constant. Finally my positions are good, even if I could do better both on Saturday and Sunday, because I could fight for the podium”.



franco210Alessandro Tramelli (Jolly Racing Holder)
“Battig race a pretty erratic Grand Prix, because he was not able to face in the best way some special test. Anyway he made good times. Let's say his biggest problem is the constancy: he has to work harder in order to achieve better results and go up on the podium again ”.



tulio210Carlo Curci (Redmoto and Team Technical Manager)
“ Exciting weekend in Belgium, great location where we met many fans and collected the benefits of the tests and the developments made with the bike in recent weeks. Salvini started good both on Saturday and on Sunday. He has suffered a bit the extreme test: he lost only a few seconds, but at the end these were decisive for the standing. On Sunday we hoped to conquer the victory and we finished so close, because Alex was very fast and aggressive. Good race for Alessandro Battig too, always in the top five. Too bad because there were good chances to go on the podium. Positive experience for the American Cris Back, who had the chance to race for the first race in the Enduro World Championship thanks to 's support. The company is demonstrating its commitment in the enduro, with the desire to strengthen international relations and grow up even more Honda brand in the off-road world ”.