Manolo Morettini #38

The Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team confirms its committment in helping young talents growing in Enduro. In 2023, the xTeam welcomed young Italian promise Manolo Morettini. In 2018, he won the Enduro Cadetti Italian Championship 125cc. In 2021, Morettini won the 95th ISDE along with the Italian team. In 2021, he also finished 3rd in Italian Enduro Championship Junior class. In 2023, Morettini conquered the Italian Champion title for the Junior Class.

Date of birth
Race Bike


  • 2023 –
    1° Italian Champion (Junior Class)
  • 2021 –
    1° ISDE Junior World Trophy, 3° Italiano Enduro Junior
    7° Coppa del Mondo Enduro Junior 1, 18° Mondiale Enduro Junior
  • 2019 –
    2° Italiano Enduro Youth
  • 2018 –
    1° Italiano Enduro Cadetti 125cc
Honda RedMoto Racing_Enduro Team_Bernardini
Assoluti d'Italia_Grado_Honda RedMoto Racing
Morettini_Enduro GP_Valpacos_Portugal 2024
Assoluti d'Italia_Spoleto_2024_Morettini
Morettini_Enduro GP Fafe Portugal 2024
Assoluti d'Italia_Spoleto_2024_Morettini
Morettini_Assoluti d'Italia_Caltanissetta_2024_Enduro