Team rules the second round of the Italian Championship

Assoluti d'Italia_Grado_Honda RedMoto Racing

Grado. Honda Racing World Enduro Team is back in action for the second round of the Enduro Italian Championship. Two days of races organized by the Moto Club Grado with a 30-km race: 4 laps on the first day and 3 and a half on the second, with 4 special tests and a total of 30 timed tests.

After the excellent performance in the first round, Thomas Oldrati (Honda-RedMoto CRF 250RX Enduro) won both days in the 250 4T class, finishing close to the top ten Overall. In the Junior class, another double win for Manolo Morettini (Honda-RedMoto CRF 250RX Enduro). On Saturday, Nathan Watson (Honda-RedMoto CRF 450RX Enduro) missed the podium in the foreigner category, while on Sunday he took his revenge with third place. He also had a great fourth and fifth position Overall.

Thomas Oldrati | 250 4T class – Day1 > 1° |  Day2  > 1°

“Good race: I’m happy because the special tests were not suited to my riding style, but I set good times. Now, a week of work and then we’ll start the World Championship”.

Nathan Watson | Foreigner class – Day1 > 4° |  Day2  > 3°

“Not bad! I lost lots of time on Saturday because of the slippery ground. Sunday was better, with a crash straight away on the first lap, but then I regained time”.

Manolo Morettini | Junior class – Day1 > 1°  |  Day2  > 1°

“Excellent race with two wins. Now we are already focusing on the World Championship”.

Assoluti d'Italia_Grado_Honda RedMoto Racing
In the second line-up, excellent performance for Samuele Bernardini (Honda-RedMoto CRF 300RX Enduro), twice second in the 450 class. Always among the foreigners, two seventh places for Roni Kytonen (Honda-RedMoto CRF 250RX Enduro), while Francesca Nocera won the women’s class on both days: an excellent training in view of the first GP of the World Championship, which will be held in two weeks in Italy.

Samuele Bernardini | 450 class – Day1 > 2° |  Day2  > 2°

“I could have done better. Unfortunately, a few too many crashes on both Saturday and Sunday did not allow me to get the result I wanted. I lost many seconds, but this was the first race after a long time. We can improve from here”.

Roni Kytonen | Foreigner class – Day1 > 7° |  Day2  > 7°

“It was a positive race. On Saturday I started with a good pace and Sunday was even better from the first lap. We did a good job in view of the World Championship, improving a lot compared to last year”.

Francesca Nocera | Women class – Day1 > 1° |  Day2  > 1°

“Good weekend. The work done this winter has paid off. On Saturday I won, while Sunday I lost right at the last special test. The vibes are good: it’s an important experience for the World Championship”.

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