Great Finnish Enduro GP for Honda Racing World Enduro Team

Enduro GP Finland - Honda RedMoto Racing

Great Finnish Enduro GP for the Honda Racing World Enduro Team’s pink quota: 6th on Saturday, on Sunday Francesca Nocera got on the second step of the podium at the end of a very tight day2 fighting against Daniels, first, and Malm, third. Close to the podium were Nathan Watson in E2 and Thomas Oldrati in E1: both riders were 6th on the first day of the race, while on Sunday they finished 4th after fighting all day for the top three. At his first experience in Finland, Manolo Morettini raced in defense, finishing 8th on Saturday and 7th on Sunday.

Thomas Oldrati | EnduroGP class Day1 > 16° – Day2  > 11°  |  E1 class Day1 > 6° – Day2  > 4°

“It’s not my first time in Finland and I already knew what I was going to face. On Saturday I was not able to be push, while on Sunday I race as I wanted, fighting for the podium right to the end with Pichon”.

Nathan Watson | EnduroGP class Day1 > 14° – Day2  > 8°  |  E2 class Day1 > 6° – Day2  > 4°

“Tough condition with a lot of rain. I had no confidence to attack: I just tried to find the best feeling and enjoy. We move on looking forward to a good performance in Sweden”.

Manolo Morettini | Junior class Day1 > 15°  – Day2  > 13° |  EJ1 class Day1 > 8° – Day2  > 7°

“Tough weekend. On Saturday I immediately got stuck in the mud and rode a comeback race. On Sunday I struggled too and I raced in defence. Let’s hope for better conditions in Sweden”.

Enduro GP Finland - Honda RedMoto Racing

In the second line-up, Samuele Bernardini finished 9th and 11th  while Rony Kytonen was unable to go beyond 9th and 7thin his home race, still suffering from the after-effects of the bad crash of the last round of the Italian Championship.

Samuele Bernardini | EnduroGP class Day1 > 25°  – Day2  > 31°  |  E2 class Day1 > 9° – Day2  > 11°

“I did well in the Cross test, while I struggled a lot in the Enduro test. We look forward to the next GP”. 

Roni Kytonen | EnduroGP class Day1 > 28°  – Day2  > 19°  |  E1 class Day1 > 9°  – Day2  > 7°

“Tough weekend. I still have to improve the feeling after the crash in the Italian Championship”.

Francesca Nocera | EnduroGP Women’s class Day1 > 6° – Day2  > 2°

“Tough race. On Saturday I tried to take measurement, while on Sunday I pushed. Too bad about a few falls, but I still managed to get on the podium. I’m happy with the progress I made”.

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