Honda Racing World Enduro Team on the podium at the Spanish GP with Nathan Watson

Spanish GP. The second round of the FIM EnduroGP World Championship in Lalin, Spain. A technical GP with even more tough conditions due to the heavy rain fell before the race. The route: 75 km to be repeated three times per day with three different special tests. Extreme Test of 1.2 km, Cross Test of 4.6 km, Enduro Test of 7 km. A total of 18 special tests plus the Super Test of Friday evening.

Nathan Watson redeemed himself from the unlucky Italian GP. After coming close to the podium on the first day of the race in a fight until the last special test with MacDonald, on Sunday the English rider finished third only behind Verona and Holcombe.

Defence race for Thomas Oldrati, twice 5th in E1 class due to a few too many mistakes and not at ease on the Spanish terrain.
In Junior1 Manolo Morettini came close to the top five, finishing 7th on Saturday and 6th on Sunday.

Thomas Oldrati | EnduroGP class Day1 > 13° – Day2  > 19°  |  E1 class Day1 > 5° – Day2  > 5

“Complicated weekend, during which I struggled to get into the pace. I didn’t find the right feeling with the special tests: I’m sorry, I’m not happy with the results”.

Nathan Watson | EnduroGP class Day1 > 8° – Day2  > 5°  |  E2 class Day1 > 4° – Day2  > 3°

“Saturday I started the day with a mistake and I struggled a lot in the rain. On Sunday I made a mistake with the tyre, putting the soft tyre instead of the medium. It was not perfect, but better than the previous day, setting good times and taking the podium”.

Manolo Morettini | Junior class Day1 > 12°  – Day2  > 10° |  EJ1 class Day1 > 7° – Day2  > 6°

“It was a difficult weekend and the ground conditions were very selective. The results could have been better, but I look at this GP as a good training in view of the Finnish and Swedish GPs”.

Enduro GP_Spain_Honda RedMoto Racing

In the second line-up, Samuele Bernardini finished with a double P7 in E2, while in E1 Rony Kytonen had to deal with the after-effects of the bad crash suffered in the last round of the Italian Championship. He succeeded to end 11th on Saturday, while on Sunday the pain did not allow him to finish the race.

Samuele Bernardini | EnduroGP class Day1 > 20°  – Day2  > 16°  |  E2 class Day1 > 7° – Day2  > 7°

“Tough Grand Prix. On Saturday it rained a lot in the morning and several of us got stuck in the extreme test. During the transfer I also crashed bending the disc. On the second and third lap I managed to get the pace. On Sunday, in the first enduro test, I had a big crash and from there I slowed down”.

Roni Kytonen | EnduroGP class Day1 > 28°  – Day2  > nc  |  E1 class Day1 > 11°  – Day2  > nc

“On Saturday I managed to finish the race, but on Sunday I just couldn’t do it. Right after the first special test I felt a lot of pain. It was not possible to race in these conditions and I decided to stop”.

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